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 Recognized as Connecticut's Leader in Pet Cremation  

The Sagarino Family

"Your Pet is a Member of the Family"

 Pets are "members of the family". We adore them, we care for them and we grow with them.
Like our human companions, they add joy and happiness to our lives. Without a shadow
of a doubt, they make our families more complete. At Forever Companions Pet Loss 
Services, our family of licensed professional staff counselors are ready to guide you through
the process of saying goodbye to your companion in the most dignified way through 
pet cremation  When someone you love dies, we have a severing of a relationship that
will cause us to feel grief and feelings of intense sorrow. By physically showing our grief,
we actively mourn the death of that beloved. This active mourning will move our bereaved
heart on a journey through grief and to grief reconciliation.










Let us give your pet the final arrangements that they deserve and the
peace you need in knowing they are respectfully and lovingly cared for
at t he end of t heir life. We are experienced and ready to help you through
the process.   Forever Companions Pet Loss Services offers cremation
s ervices to meet your family's needs all within your budget. We also
provide assistance in advanced planning to lessen the burden at the
most difficult time. By respectful way possible. Visit our advanced planning
page to learn more. Additionally, by filling out our preneed form with
necessary information can eliminate the burden of making important
decisions at the timeof death  and simplify the process. This is the peace of
mind we provide being recognized as Connecticut's leader in pet cremation.
You may visit our services page for more information.  Forever Companions Pet Loss Services is your choice when it comes to the final disposition of your forever companion. 

Members of the Family

Brass Pet Urns

A Personalized Service

  •    Upon contacting us, we will personally arrange to remove your pet from home or place of death in a timely manner.
  •    We will personally handle the disposition of your pet in the most compasionate way and assure you that your     wishes are carried out.

  •    We will personally be available to you 24/7 should you need to contact us.

  •    We will personally deliver your pets cremains at a time and place convenient to you.
 "We are here when you need us"...
   When a loss occurs, it is our commitment that you receive attention and consideration by allowing us to provide you support and aftercare. We will comfort you and guide you by honoring your wishes in the moments following.​​

 "Were committed to serving pet parents".​​

   At Forever Companions Pet Loss Services we'll give you the personal service you'll come to expect. As pet parents ourselves, we understand the loss associated with one passing and we are here to service you by offering the grace and dignity that you deserve as you make final arrangements for your pet in a most respectful way. 
Cat and Dog
 "The unconditional love"...
"The Love They Provide"

   The unconditional love they provide, is unlike any other imagined. By offering the same type of love in return when the time comes, is something that goes unsaid. The respect we share, is something that will never be forgotten in our daily lives. The relationship that you shared with your companion is a special and unique bond. The silence in your home after the death of a pet will be heard. When that pet is no longer present, the lack of their presence and the silence becomes very loud. When a bond is broken, grief will happen.This grief is normal and the time shared needs to be acknowledged.
​   Children will not want to say good-bye. In assisting a child through grief, they will let you know when they are ready to talk. Allow them the time they need to deal with their emotions. Let them grieve in their own way.

Dog with Leash
   As pet parent's ourselves, we promise to care for your companion in the most compassionate way, accomodate your family's needs and provide you the same quality of care that our clients have come to know.

   As leaders in pet cremation services, we are here to assist you!
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