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 Our Focus

Catherine L. Sagarino
   For decades the Sagarino family has served many families in the death care industry. The Donald D. Sagarino Funeral Home was established in the1950 by the late Donald D. Sagarino Sr and his wife Catherine L. Sagarino and has been passed on through two generations. For many years the Sagarino family continues to offer families a high standard of service to all faiths with the personal family tradition. We are dedicated to dignified service and we are aware that personalized service is our greatest asset.

   Spending more than 30 years as a funeral director,
 Robert L. Sagarino  recognized a need to serve pet parents at the same level as serving humans. Because pets are  members of the family , we need to respectfully take care of our pets who have spent many years with us as loyal companions.

Catherine L. Sagarino

Care and Dignity

Robert L. Sagarino
   Being family owned and operated, we are more responsive to your needs. By providing the highest level of care, you can rest assure that we will handle your companion with the utmost care and dignity.When a family suffers the loss of a beloved pet, it is comforting to know who is handling the care of your pet. For our family, it is important to us to not only serve your current need, but to build a long-lasting relationship with you and your family. From  advanced planning  to aftercare services, you can count on us to understand and provide for your needs. When you need us, our family will always be here for your family providing the same high quality of care our clients have come to know and expect from us.

Robert L. Sagarino

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